How To Build Your Startup Team Without Money

How To Build Your Startup Team Without Money

There are three things that every start-up needs: a strategic business plan, a vision that dares and a winning startup team. These three will either make or break your new business. Now, the first two you can do without external help, but, you can’t make up your own team. You need people, more specifically people […]

These are the Digital Skills You Need for Your Software Development Project

top digital skills you need

As a software developer, building projects go beyond writing codes and applying algorithms. Besides your supercool tech skills, you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that digital technology plays a vital role in today’s virtual world,  and the software industry is no exception. For the sake of your career and to remain relevant in a rapidly changing […]

Technical Hiring: A Techie Hiring Guide For A Non-Techie Founder

Tech hiring guide 2021

Finding workers is a reasonably conventional procedure. Unfortunately, when looking for workers with technological skills such as back-end and front-end skills for mobile applications, websites and other technological services and products, the procedure becomes anything but conventional. For beginners, many business owners may lack the technical skills necessary to either correctly explain the job required […]