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When Orbzone approached us they had spent one year in stealth mode and had very little branding to date. They were seeking guidance on all things related to their brand and product development as they prepared for a public launch. This included recommendations spanning from brand strategy and architecture, to product design, engineering and marketing.

We needed to craft a product experience that would express orbzone’s brand attributes of showcasing professional images by creators
to their users.

Our product work kicked off with an intensive onsite ux research discovery and planning sessions with the Orbzone team. After a year of operating without a public face, Orbzone’s website needed the momentum of a launch, without negating their expertise. Orbzone’s persona needed to want to engage with the brand, create for and buy from with ease.

We started with content strategy, deliberately creating an information structure representative of an established company, while avoiding any language that came off as amateur. We worked with Orbzone on collaborative sitemaps and wireframes, which we refined before starting design, and worked through copy and content creation with their team.

Crafted brand pallete helps elements grab attention and guides the user through the established hierarchy.


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