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10 Best UX Tools For User Research And User Testing. Pt 2

by Adedolapo Olisa

July 20, 2020


I promised to share the second part of the 10 best tools for user research and user testing and user testing after giving you a list of 5. In case you missed the first part of this post, you can read here 

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.


6. Trymyui

trymyui homepage

TRYMyUI allows users to test their website with anonymous users, or they can use their pool of candidates. The features offered from TryMyUI are: mobile testing, mouse clicks, keystrokes, video screen caps, voice over commentary with written feedback, and a system usability questionnaire. There are options for discounts for entrepreneurs with the capital to invest in bulk.

Pricing: Starts from $99.

7. Optimal Workshop

optimal workshop

Optimal Workshop is among lesser known usability testing tools – but it shouldn’t be overlooked. The platform comes with a bundle of testing tools that serve different ends, and when combined can offer powerful insight into the design.

Pricing: 99$/study, 166$/month and customizable plans

8. Userlytics


Userlytics allows users to not only go in depth with criteria and traits they want from participants. It also allows users to go even further by creating screening questions that disqualify users from the study.

Pricing: ranges from 49$/month to 69$/month

9. UsabilityHub


The UsabilityHub platform offers a comprehensive suite of testing tools that helps you uncover design issues early, preventing wasted time, effort and user frustration. From an open text analyses and split testing to collecting demographics and creating custom variables. With UsabilityHub’s flexible pricing options there’s a way for just about anyone to test their usability

Starting price: Free from start

10. UserZoom


UserZoom automates UX research for scale and speed, delivering the UX insights businesses need to improve their digital user experiences and impact the bottom line.

This usability testing tool’s combination of software, services and participant sourcing solutions allows businesses to test, benchmark and measure the UX of any digital product at any development stage and on any device, and get the complete story behind their user experience.

Pricing: Based on request

We hope this list was helpful. Share your thoughts with us.

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