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5 Digital Skills Every Startup Needs on Its Team

by Adedolapo Olisa

August 20, 2018


Transforming an idea into a business takes a lot of effort, determination, business know-how, right tools, and basic skills. Skills are the real tools of any business, most importantly startups. They are really what makes a business profitable, and also durable.

Since many startups fail in the early years, here are five very important digital skills, every startup needs to have on its team.


Digital Marketing

Brand awareness is crucial for a business to survive, as well as thrive. Too many businesses, have so many great ideas and offers for their potential market, but getting their message and product to their target customers is usually a struggle. This is a challenge digital marketing helps to overcome. It is very important  as a startup to specialist in this area — be it a specialised agency or an expert on the team


Business Development

Bringing your message to your potential market is a good start, but what happens when your business needs to expand and your team, be better positioned to service your growing customer base?
As a startup, many things could really come in place that will force growth and you don’t want to be caught off guard, when this happens.



Communication is very crucial to the development and growth of any company. As a startup, having an individual skilled at concisely getting relevant information across the company is really important. The ability to accurately get relevant information across your company will save everyone a lot of priceless time, and timing is one element necessary in the success if any business.



As a business, you need individuals with the skills that makes your business relatable with other businesses in your niche. Networking on a digital scale worths millions to your business, because it brings you in touch with many potential opportunities, to scale your business to the next level.



This is important, most especially if your business is integrated with either a web or mobile platform, which it definitely should.


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Getting technical skills to handle this part of your business, will save you a whole lot of potential mistakes, and even improve your customer satisfaction rate.


With these five skills on your startup team, your startup is definitely in place to grow and scale accordingly, finding the right skills could indeed be an issue, and if you have most of this skills in place, but you need an up to date technical team, find out more with Charisol.


With Charisol, you’ll be able to take your technical needs from design to launch, and get your startup functioning in record time.


Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

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