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Why African Dev Talents Are The Next Big Thing

by Adedolapo Olisa

August 7, 2018


The trends and evolution in software development technology largely stem from the famous Silicon Valley. But certainly much has improved in the industry and even with the developers.

Africa has become a center for creating and executing many incredible things which include powerful and relevant tech software and tool.

Apart from the rich culture and diversity Africa offers, so many factors are responsible for the progress of the continent’s tech landscape. In recent times, a lot of eyes has been drawn towards Africa and its rapidly emerging tech talents.

These are a few reasons software developers from Africa are the next big thing, as well as the perfect choice for your tech support.

Africans are Passionate

Generally, African talents — across different industries — are recognized globally for their passionate attitude towards work.

The drive and passion that African Programmers put into their craft set them up for success. If for instance, you are are looking for a simple developer, who could belong in your development team and do a few things, you’d definitely get more with an African developer. but an African developer will do more than the simple.

Abundance of tech talents

It isn’t exactly news that Africa still has an abundance of untapped human resources. This extends to the software development industry. The abundance of the youth population in Africa — which is likely to double by 2050 — gives the continent the opportunity to breed and advance its ever-growing pool talents that could be leveraged by the global community, thanks to the increase of internet usage in Africa.

Software developers in Africa are constantly looking for better and more improved ways of executing their craft, which is undeniable in the unique quality of their talents.

Increased growth of remote work culture

Africa isn’t behind in remote and offshore trends. Today, African software developers have widely adapted to the remote working culture despite the challenges peculiar to the platform. Their ability to function remotely contributes to their exceptional quality and work delivery home and abroad.

Collaborative mindset

Quality is heightened when there’s an increased collaborative effort. Obviously, African tech talents are not hesitant to collaborate. This is very much reflected in the recent unending spring of small-unit tech communities and meetups around the continent.
This mindset allows them to not only draw in better insights and increase work quality in their fields but also makes them set for taking on the global stage.

Beyond this, it’s amazing how African talents are able to work together despite the gross disparity and diversity in culture, skills and craft, belief systems and practices. All of these make Africa the next stage where top-tech talents are rapidly emerging day-after-day. Perhaps it’s the same thing giant tech companies like Google see that makes them consistently bet on the African talent.

Are you considering to hire your own tech talent from Africa? You are just in the right place!

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