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Businesses could achieve more if only they do this one thing

by Editorial Team

July 17, 2019


Today, businesses all over the globe are known to be serious. Factually, the seriousness of any activity is connoted by many to be a meaningful business. As an instinct, therefore, virtually all businesses are void of any sense of humour. However, the fact that every form of business is human-related confirms the need for a modicum of humour knowing that life, itself, is hard enough. Think of it, what is the essence of serious transactions without any sense of business humour?

Humour, as defined by the British Dictionary refers to the tendency of experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. That established, we can then say business humour implies laughing in business. The capacity for humour is one of the most vital ingredients to keep a relationship going. Little wonder why lots of fuss and crankiness exist in today’s business world. Beyond money and other resources, relationship management is a major variable in the success of every business.

picture about business humour

One may ask “ How then can humour be useful in a business environment?” Besides the fact of making people feel comfortable, a humorous conversation generally fosters good listening, acceptance, as well as enables positive feedback. Hence, humorous salespersons are the quickest to close deals. They’re quite open and able to make their way into the hearts of clients not just because they’re open-minded but always look for new methods to try out. Funny enough, groundbreaking deals are usually sealed over informal dinners as opposed to the confines of a serious office environment.

And in today’s fast-moving environment, you have absolutely no idea where the best new ideas and deals are coming from. Thus if you’re not having an open mind to listening and creating positive relationships you’re likely drifting into trouble as no one would give you easy access at the times of informal conversations.

While in serious business, humour makes you a better team player, forces you to listen, internalise, react and be a better entrepreneur. It enables you to pitch better to your investors, convincing them of your originality. You’d be concise, spontaneous, creative and innovative.

Having a sense of business humour doesn’t mean telling jokes or being funny, but you sure make people lighthearted. The lifestyle of an entrepreneur is naturally stressful. From accounts keeping to doing your taxes, scouting for business, setting up and sustaining workable structures to selling yourself. Besides, staying up crazy hours for management and board meetings is big enough to stress life out of you. Only with a lighthearted mindset of humour will you be successful in business.

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