User Experience Focused Design & Development Agency

Charisol is a technology partner for startups and
businesses looking to apply design thinking in
creating digital products.

We focus on delivering end-to-end digital product
development while putting end users at the center.


Leading Nigerian Agency that helps set brands apart

It’s no secret that companies who build products that balance aesthetics with usability can really stand out from competition.

Design thinking, coined by David Kelley and Tim Brown of IDEO, has become a popular approach to creating products that encapsulates the methods and process of human - centered design.

We believe that following a tested and proven design journey will help us in creating winning products.

100% Focused on your business.

Obsessed with human centered design

Have individual experience working for world class brands

Our Mission

Build digital products from idea to launch, quickly & cheaply

Our main goal is to deliver digital products that achieve your business goals and solve users’ problems.

We seek to understand both business and user goals:

● What problem are we solving?
● What are the business goals
● Who has this problem?
● What do we want to achieve?

We follow the industry’s best practices like UX design strategy and Agile methodologies from idea validation to MVP

We incorporate design
thinking in our process

Using the UXD (User Experience Design) process, we follow a product design journey from empathizing with users, generating insights, defining the problems and making assumptions for desiring solutions.

This allows us to iterate quickly at each phase of design and development with feedback from stakeholders.

Work with our 'A' team

We are a team of driven product designers and
developers who love building innovative products
and creating an impact.