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Costly Mistakes Tech Founders Should Avoid in Team Building

by Adedolapo Olisa

September 27, 2018


Giant tech companies today usually serve as a reference point for potential tech founders. But as organized and successful these tech companies appear, they didn’t just developed from their seed stage to a big shot in the tech ecosystem. They all started small and scaled gradually.

The scaling often involves lots of hard work committed into the venture. For instance, two tech co-founders might create innovative ideas to influence the development of a software application. In the eventuality of securing investments for the idea-turned-product, the company expands in structure, requiring more hands. But getting the people, or minds that will resonate at the same frequency as you, the founder and catch the vision is often herculean task and daunting challenge.

Bringing in like minds with complementary expertise and skills will create a very formidable team for your growing company. The wrong hands might lead to the downfall of the company.

The question then is, how do you know if you’re hiring the right person? Can I build a great team from your hiring process? If these questions bug your mind, then it’s an indication that you are onto something really great and want it to be in safe hands. That’s why we’ve compiled some mistakes you should avoid in the course of hiring or building that great team of yours.

Hiring too fast

The hiring process isn’t only about qualifications; you also need to consider how your potential team members will fit into your company culture. Are they hyper-competitive? Are they extremely laid back and won’t foster in an environment where they need to take their own initiative?

All should be considered in the hiring process. So ensure you don’t get engrossed with qualification demands only. It’s better if you take your time to ensure that they’re a proper fit. This is a more safer option, than finding out barely months down the line of employment that they you made the wrong choice.

Hiring people just like you

Team building-smepeaks

This may appear unfavorable to your belief system, but it’s not a good idea to have all your employees agreeing with you. Diversity of opinion and personality benefits the team experience.

Criticism is good as long as it is presented in a constructive and respectful manner, such acts can be extremely beneficial. No company succeeds when everyone is always in agreement.

For example a room full of optimists can lead to high expectations and a room full of pessimist can lead to excessive negativity, combination of personalities will ensure that you end up in consensus and balance.


Focusing on one skill group

If you have a perfect product but no expertise on selling then you will get stuck in the way. In team building, you do not focus alone on the technicalities of your product when hiring. Though you’ll always need developers to fix or improve your product and always ensure it’s in a good working condition, but what’s the essence of a company if it can’t make sales due to the non-availability of sales experts in the team?

Certainly, a perfect product minus sales expertise is going nowhere. Your team building is not complete without salespersons.

Not letting go

A huge challenge for most entrepreneurs/tech founders is having to relinquish someone off his position. This could be really tough for the first time — it’s an awkward state the founders don’t like.

While it might be a tough call to lay off whoever you deem unfit, you have to put sentiments aside and allow professionalism play. Great teams are not built on sentiments. When you trim the rough edges, you make way for the smooth ones. It’s necessary for the health of the company and team building.

Besides, there’s no point in having an employee who either isn’t suited for the job or not embracing team spirit.



Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

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