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Unlock Visibility & Business Growth On A Budget

Charisol provides simple and efficient websites, allowing you to reach and convert the right people into paying clients.

Our designers will respect your preferences and only
offer professional advice when necessary.

Gain complete control of your bespoke website; no surprises.

You have the power to choose your pages, branding and integrations.

Use Case

The Charisol team was tasked with designing Aluuka’s web app. To improve the user experience, we needed to optimize it for seamless healthcare payment.

After implementing the design thinking process, we were able to create a new UI and user experience that fosters seamless healthcare payment. The result is an excellent user experience that allows users to complete their tasks easily and efficiently.



Choose your preferred integrations for your website. 3 is on us, but you can add more for a fee. We promise it won’t cost you an arm or a leg.
Drive high conversions with integrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this offer open to everyone?

This offer is open to Creatives, Young Professionals and Small Business Owners.

How long does this offer last?

This offer lasts from February to April 2023.

Can I make a specific Branding requests for my website?

Yes, we can work with your preferred colour, fonts, images etc, If you have any.