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Google And Facebook Are Interested In Africa’s Tech Talents, So Should You!

by Editorial Team

August 9, 2018


It’s no longer news that the African tech scene is expanding. In recent times, renowned giant tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have taken a keen interest in the ever-growing young talent in the continent.

In 2016, Google committed itself to train 1 million young Africans in digital skills within the following year through its flagship programme, Digify Africa. A possible explanation for Google’s move is that Africa’s youth population has been projected to double in coming years.

So, Google quickly bought into the scene, as the pioneers of the new tech revolution and talent explosion the African continent is about to witness– thereby stamping its footprint on the continent’s digital landscape. Knowing its a name is made forever in the fertile land.

Facebook also had its turn that same year. Mark Zuckerberg not only visited Nigeria and Kenya in 2016, but invested a ground-breaking sum of $24 million in Andela — a company that trains African developers and connects them to global opportunities, through the Mark Zuckerberg’s Foundation.

Besides these, global companies around the world have been importing local talents from Africa. These actions have ignited curiosity. Why the sudden keen interest? Is there an incentive for having African talents around you? Could there be something they’ve seen in Africa than meets the eyes? Perhaps, we should explore what may have inspired the interest of world’s top companies in African talents recently.

What the giants see

Obviously, there’s something companies like Facebook, Microsoft, etc., see that’s motivating them to bet big on the Africa’s burgeoning tech talents. First is the continent’s youthful prowess. It’s said that the Africa would have more youths than any other continent in the world by 2050. What this implies is, the future of the world rests partly on Africa as well as the opportunities its human capital and available resources present. World giant companies can’t but place their bets on the continent that clearly wields most of the future’s potential within its shores.

But beyond the young population sprout, Africans are generally gifted with high minds talents, energy and strong will to succeed. This is possibly because of Africa’s rapidly-growing young population or the crave to triumph over the continent’s challenges. The will of many tech talents (such as software developers) is often irresistible to those foreign companies.

All of these only indicate that investing in African talent is more like investing in the future.

What’s more evident is African tech talents are establishing their place in the global economy at a fast pace. However, world-renowned companies shouldn’t be the only ones enjoying the benefits embedded in Africa’s dynamic talents. You can, as well!

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