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How to Position Yourself as an African Programmer for Foreign Gigs

by Editorial Team

August 14, 2018


Now that you feel confident about your skills as a competent, African programmer, you may be ready to take yourself to the next stage — making your skills attractive to foreign companies thereby landing international gigs.

Here are some tips, that would definitely make you, as an African programmer, open to foreign attraction.

Set up a Professional Programmer Profile.

To attract that attention you’re pitching for, you need to look like what your prospective employers are in search of: A professional!
Although there are several ways you can get started, it’s preferable you begin by setting up a LinkedIn profile. This is because LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to build a network, and to find lots of job opportunities.

After setting up a LinkedIn profile, go ahead and create a Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork account. These platforms will make foreign gigs accessible to you, and allow you the flexibility of working remotely.

Network with Your Profile

Having completed your LinkedIn professional profile, begin to interact with people of related interests. Network by starting up conversations (with the aim of finding a problem to solve).

Here is something important to note: Find a problem and solve the problem. What this does is, it sets you up for recommendations, which are the real tags to originality and quality! A bonus to attracting and landing foreign gigs.

Create a Developer’s Portfolio

Your developer’s portfolio is where you file all the projects you’ve been able to create as a developer. This is really important to draw international attention to yourself as an African developer.

To get foreign gigs, you’ll need to display your skills as a competent African programmer, and your portfolio allows you to display your potential value to every foreign gig that you bid for. If you’ve never considered creating a developer’s portfolio, set up one right now! Begin with a GitHub profile.

Keep Building.
After you’ve got all of this in place, bear in mind that landing foreign jobs may not happen overnight.

This means you should keep at your craft. Continue to build creative and time-saving software applications. This keeps you updated on programming technology trends, and also increases your portfolio’s value.

Join Charisol.

If you’ve begun applying these tips, good for you! But you can as well work with a community of committed and skilled programmers, as a team on foreign gigs. Join Charisol!

Along with the developers at Charisol, you’ll get connected to foreign and remote friendly companies. You also get to try out your skills on different projects, even as an African programmer. You can become a part of Charisol right here.

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