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How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Your Business in 2022

by Funmilayo Tijani

February 8, 2022


Smart business owners like you are re-evaluating strategies for their business in 2022, learning what works and what doesn’t. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that it is important to be flexible and ready to adapt to change in making such decisions.


This is no different in marketing one’s business. You have to be willing to adjust to new statistics and information that can prove beneficial to your business. Despite the numerous marketing and communications channel that keep cropping up, email marketing surprisingly still holds through as a viable and reliable medium of getting customers attention. Even decades after the first-ever newsletters were sent out, it seems people can’t just seem to stop checking their inboxes.

So Why is This Still Happening?

Email is still perceived by most people as a formal and trustworthy source of information. There’s a reason most large organisations and multinationals still make use of email for official communication despite the advent of platforms like Slack.


New mail notification

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On the consumer side, the message of an email can be easily perceived by glancing at the notification which is why creative subjects and headings have been known to have higher open rates.


For business owners, email marketing still remains highly embraced as it is very low cost compared to other marketing channels and has a very high ROI. In fact, according to a recent study, email marketing has an ROI of a whopping 4400%!

So how can you leverage this for your business?

The best part about email is that it is quite straightforward to get into and there are numerous platforms that make it easy to automate and send creative emails. We’ve put together a guide on how you can use email marketing to boost your business in 2022:

Set a Regular Newsletter

Newsletters are one of the first and easiest ways to get into email marketing. Newsletter simply refers to a branded email sent to customers mostly on a schedule, some newsletters are sent weekly, some daily while some are sent only on special occasions You can start creating your business newsletters by following these simple steps.

Newsletter templates

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  • Build your mailing list

To send targeted emails, you need a mailing list. It’s best you send emails through mailing lists you obtained legally and with permission from the clients. Avoid purchasing mailing lists from vague sources that will not serve you any good. It is largely frowned upon by clients when they start receiving notifications from businesses they do not recognise.


A great way to build an organic mailing list is to offer something in return. You can create a signup page and offer incentives like a free e-book, time-sensitive discount or a mystery box in return for customers willingly submitting their emails. This will ensure you send newsletters to people who already have some level of interest in your business and are likely to subscribe.


  • Define your goals

Like all marketing campaigns, email marketing also requires specific campaigns that will contribute to the schedule and content of your campaign. Decide what exactly you want your newsletter to achieve. It could be;

Creating awareness for an event or a product, sharing more information about the brand, getting more conversions etc.


  • Create your schedule

You must set when you would like to get your newsletters out. Remember, don’t spam your customers’ mailbox with large volumes of correspondence. Depending on the nature of your business and marketing goals you can set how many newsletters you would like to send and when.


  • Create targeted newsletters

An inbox is a crowded place and people receive numerous emails every day, tons of which get lost. You have to ensure your emails stand out from the crowd. There are several steps that go into creating emails that people will actually open and interact with;

  1. Ensure you use creative topics
  2. Use engaging and simple templates
  3. Personalise the email by setting it to feature name, today’s date etc
  4. Keep it short and informative, (don’t bore them with information, it’s not a blog)


Create a Maildrip Campaign

A maildrip campaign is a more advanced form of email marketing that requires the use of specialised platforms. Maildrips are a series of automated emails delivered to an inbox after a client must have carried out a specific action.


For instance, if you click a register button for an event, it automatically triggers a welcome email in your box. If you proceed to fill your cart without actually buying, this will trigger another email perhaps one offering a discount towards your purchase to help speed the conversion process.

Maildrip interface

Image Source: Maildrip.io


Some of the activities you can automatically and conveniently carry out via a maildrip campaign include:

  • Automate special and congratulatory messages for your client
  • Announce new offers
  • Promote sales and discounts
  • Carry out email surveys


Maildrips have become more embraced over the years considering how automated it makes the email marketing process be. You don’t have to worry about learning some complicated coding skills to get started on maildrip campaign for your business. Maildrip.io is an excellent, easy to navigate platform that allows you to start creating simple, maildrip campaigns that convert.



The actions you will take in the next few weeks are crucial to the success of your business in 2022, so you need to ensure you are making the right decisions. We’ve previously shared various important elements that can aid your business success and we have a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you achieve this goal. Book a free consultation with our expert brand design and marketing consultants at Charisol to know what choices you should be making for your business as the year draws to an end.


We offer high-end valuable expertise on website development, UI/UX design and digital products that will be tailored to your goals and industry.



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Funmilayo Tijani

Funmilayo Tijani

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