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How to be a successful content creator in Nigeria

by Editorial Team

August 14, 2019


The current rate of unemployment in the contemporary Nigerian society has risen to an alarming 24.1% according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), this stat has revolutionised the workforce. Youths have turned to entrepreneurship, freelancing and other means to meet their never-ending needs. Fortunately, the advent of the new media brought several opportunities to cater to this population. One of such opportunities is Content Creation. The internet thrives on Content, this is why Netflix would pay $3.8 million to purchase Lion Heart, a movie by Genevieve Nnaji that talks about the socio-political issues in Nigeria. Read on to learn how to be a successful content creator.

Tearing down content

Arguably, content is life, it is what humans feed on daily, what we ingest from mobile devices, laptops, newspapers, magazines, and the likes. Most importantly, content is your daily interaction with the environment, the people you encounter daily, the mundane and the hogwash conversation you engage in.

Three types of Content

Fact Check: currently, there are 3.2 billion netizens, thereby leading to an increase in the dissemination of fake news. As a content creator who wants to be unique and relevant, your content should be able to dispel fake news, making avail the truth about various issues to your readers. As a creator, do your research, investigate, ask questions, read about the issue you want to write on, see yourself as an investigative journalist.
Answers: confusion has become the order of the day. With the emergence of pop culture and trends, google answers over 3 billion questions daily, blink receives over a million requests while 1.1 billion youths contemplate on several issues. The best way to drive traffic to your website, blog or article, is to give knowledge to people’s ignorance and answers to questions often asked on the internet. Google helps by showing the most asked questions. Provide answers and your articles would be appreciated by many. As a creator, one error you should not indulge in is writing amiss. Write to feed the hunger of your audience.
Explainers: these contents focus on DIYs, How TOs and educates its readers with information on ways to acquire basic skills. As a creator, ensure you serve your audience with information that is useful, this way they keep coming back to your blog or website. Some examples of explainers are: How to tie gele, how to make money online, DIY Makeup.

These types of content would help you channel your energy in the right direction and give you a headstart with your next content.

How to create content

Content creation is usually seen as a herculean task by most. The reality is every single human produces over 50 different kinds of content daily. The ability to tap into the stories that rule your daily life and create something out of it is what makes you a content creator. To reiterate, content is not “manner” that falls from heaven, it is generic, available for those who want to milk stories.

A creator must:

  • Be able to stimulate emotions and empathy from its reader even while depicting everyday issues
  • Arouse the senses of your readers
  • Be aware of upcoming trends and jump on them
  • Keep track of every event and happenings in your environment (you would need it one day)
  • Be Curious, ask questions continually. Critique everything you see, refute the normal
  • Research. Do your research intensely
  • Be a reader. This cannot be over-emphasized. The more you read, the more you know, the more you are able to write
  • Write. This is self-explanatory. To be a successful content creator, you just have to start writing

Remember, content is life. There are untapped stories in the world today, be ready to research and ask questions that will create unique content for your readers. Hope we’ve been able to dispel your fears on the possibility of being a successful content creator.

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