How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Your Business in 2022

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Smart business owners like you are re-evaluating strategies for their business in 2022, learning what works and what doesn’t. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that it is important to be flexible and ready to adapt to change in making such decisions.   This is no different in marketing one’s business. […]

Email marketing is not dead, conversational marketing has only taken over

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There’s been increasing talks about email marketing being dead or not, amongst digital marketers and even business owners. They believe email engagement has hit the rock bottom, and as a result, email open rate has fallen off a cliff, with click-through rates being lower than ever. Is email marketing truly dead or has conversational marketing […]

5 Top Email Marketing Platforms in 2018 (Pros and Cons)

Top Email Marketing Platforms 2021

Email marketing — the practice of targeting consumers and advertising your business services via electronic mails — may not be a front runner in the business advertising segment today. But thanks to the modern digital craze, it still holds its place and no business, (virtual or physical) may fully thrive without it. In fact studies […]

How to Monitor and Effectively Deliver Your Email Campaigns

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Today, customers across-board are often bombarded with lots of product choices. As such there’s a pressure on business owners to stand out in a crowded space of competitors jotling for the same market attention. To stay on top of the game with your customers, email campaigns are a great addition to other digital marketing strategies […]