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Technical Hiring: A Techie Hiring Guide For A Non-Techie Founder

by Editorial Team

September 5, 2018


Finding workers is a reasonably conventional procedure. Unfortunately, when looking for workers with technological skills such as back-end and front-end skills for mobile applications, websites and other technological services and products, the procedure becomes anything but conventional.

For beginners, many business owners may lack the technical skills necessary to either correctly explain the job required or to vet eligible applicants.

Most skilled technological developers have either been absorbed by large, well-paying organisations with free buffets, valet service and endless vacation days, or they themselves have stepped out to start their own organisations.

Mike Schroll, the founder of Startup.SC, a South Carolina business incubator which focuses on technology startups with the ability to scale to $10 million in five years, with a great deal of experience from both ends of the hiring process hints on few things to consider before setting the stage to hire, especially for founders who aren’t really the geeky ones.

Hire slowly

Business owners need to have patience with the picking choice, as choosing the best credentials which will fit with your business can take some time. This is especially real if you seek a technological co-founder. Just as you would not likely hurry from dating to marriage with a partner, so too should the co-founder search be given as much interest and concern.

Understand their needs

Developers are cut from a different fabric, so it will require time to get to know and comprehend your applicants. As it may appear that many may be looking for an encounter, a better welfare, or just the implicit fulfilment of being able to work on a complex venture more so than a huge income.

Remember that groups are everything

Given the effect that your designers have on the organisation as a whole, discovering abilities that can offer intelligible feedback is important for the company. Also, if you dream of getting investors, having a cohesive group is an essential factor to woo investors.

Now that you have the appropriate objectives set, here are guidelines to get you going in finding great technological talent if you are s non-tech business owner.

Identify your business objectives

As a non-techie founder, first of all, understand the job and company specifications. Seek advice from a qualified and knowledgeable technological professional who can pay attention to your objectives and suggest the right terminology and system for your company.

Asides this you have to understand the roles of the jobs you are hiring for. For example, you might confuse an  IT Professional for a front-end software developer. The two are far from being the same, but to a non-techie founder, they appear to be similar in their job role

Seek for help

Once you recognised the technological objectives of your company, now it’s the time search for advice from techies. It is important to be incredibly obvious about the abilities you seek and the obligations the new employs will have.

You can consider having a technological co-founder/CTO(Chief Technology Officer) or getting a co-working space or incubator which provides you with the resources to understand the industry.

Ask your recruiting team of any programming language terminology for a particular job description. This will assist you in comprehending what appropriate terms to test in the candidate

Reach out

Referrals will always stay the first and the most powerful resource when looking for applicants.

Start by asking recommendations to the individuals you’re friends, family members or ask someone you have done business with.

Attending Meetups and Hackathons challenges will make you discover a whole lot of developers and software designers work together to develop new software. Hackathons as an employment device to examine programming abilities immediately by providing designers “think on your feet” circumstances.

Social media platform like LinkedIn (where you get to meet professionals and newbies) and Open Source Code Contributions like GitHub and Stack Overflow can be of help.

Test the candidate

After going through all these rigorous procedures of landing the best candidate, no matter how great their resumes may appear to be, a candidate should be tested beyond what is portrayed on their resumes. Just asking questions is not sufficient, practical test is required.

Not having know-how as a non-tech founder pose no problem here, there are online test platforms for developers and techie related positions. With techie recruiters, this stage is signed, sealed and delivered.

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