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Top Benefits of Hiring Your Next Programmers From Africa

by Funmilayo Tijani

March 7, 2022


As Africa becomes more prominent on the global software and digital creation stage, stakeholders in the industry are showing an increased interest in talents on the continent. While nations like Morocco and South Africa are often at the forefront when discussing African programmers, more countries are joining the conversation as centres for tech talents.


Microsoft recently invested more than $100 million in its African development centre and Twitter opened its first African office in Ghana this year, recruiting talents from Ghana and Nigeria. From talent outfits like Andela, Moringa school to the co-working centre, Co-Creation hub, located in Nigeria, Rwanda and Kenya.


International clients are beginning to appreciate the numerous benefits of hiring African programmers. If you are also considering recruiting programmers for any upcoming projects, here are some top benefits of hiring your next programmers from Africa.



Work With Experienced Programmers That Deliver Results

There are currently over 700,000 developers in Africa and depending on the country you are recruiting from, you can be assured of finding reliable programmers for various programming languages.

Programming languages in Africa

Image source: Quartz Africa


Developers across this country all learn various programming languages that are contributing to a diverse portfolio, ensuring you can hire all in one talent for your project. This is especially handy for languages like Java and JavaScript which are in high demand.



Collaborate With Established Tech Hubs

You do not have to source individual tech talents yourself, especially as a first-timer. There are a large number of tech hubs you can choose to work with directly for all your programming and product needs. Over 400 tech hubs are located on the African continent, with Nigeria leading the pack with 85.

Tech hubs in Africa

Image Souce: Tunga.io


By working with these tech hubs, you can be assured of getting reliable and experienced talents for a wide variety of skills.



A Chance to Work with a Gender-Balanced System

Despite the global low shortage of women in STEM roles, including programming, African tech hubs have done an excellent job in gender-balanced representation compared to most of their western counterparts.

Gender balance in African tech hubs

Image Source: Technext



Female junior developers in Africa are currently at 21% more than their American counterparts. This is despite the US having more than 10 times the developers of the entire African continent.


It is also impressive considering the tech ecosystem in Africa is still in its infancy stage compared to the established American market. Hubs like SheCodeAfrica are specifically designed to boost female participation in programming and female representation is set to grow over the years.

By working with African developers, you will be working with more gender-balanced teams that will further help drive progress in African communities.


Despite the various misconceptions some may have about software development in Africa, you can rest assured that there is a multitude of talented developers in various African countries. If you are looking for experienced programmers, UI/UX designers, product designers and managers we have put together a detailed guide to assist you in recruiting top talents for your projects.



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Funmilayo Tijani

Funmilayo Tijani

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