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5 User Experience Goals Every UX Designer Should Set.

by Adedolapo Olisa

June 29, 2020


User Experience is an integral part of a product design process. These 5 user experience goals, will help you to find the right direction of user experience design and make you an excellent UX designer.

Goal one: Satisfy a Need

Nothing is more exciting than to find that one thing that satisfies a need or solves a problem that has been lingering forever!

Can you imagine the smile on users face when they say this?

“I finally found what I’ve been looking for?”

As a UI Designer, you are a demi-god of some sort. You are looked upon by users to understand their pain point and provide a solution using your superpower; UX Design Process.

Before using a product, people are mostly concerned about, your goal is to ensure that a product meets the functional demands of users first (not only those existed demands but also potential ones).

  • Will this product solve my problems?
  • How useful is this product for me?
  • Will this product solve my problems?

Goal Two: Make the Process Straight Forward and Understandable

Maybe one day, the whole world will play puzzle games, until then, keep every product as simple and as understandable as possible.

Not being able to navigate or figure out how a product works with a short period is frustrating.

UX Design - good design makes a product understandable

Imagine downloading a new game from your app store. The first page prompts you to sign up or sign in if you already have an account. You joyfully do so. Only to be greeted by a cluttered page with no instruction, buttons, no direction on where you should go from here.

While at it, a notification pops up to say “You failed the first round”. It will take a silent reminder of how much your phone is worth for you not to give in to the temptation of throwing the device away at that point. One thing is for sure. That app is getting a terrible review from you.

Now you don’t want to be the UI designer of such horror. To avoid that, make the product as straightforward and understanding as possible. Put yourself in your users’ shoes when designing by carrying out a User Experience Research 

Goal Three: Make Your Users Enjoy What You’ve Designed.

Let’s put it this way. Put a smile on users’ face while they interact with your product design with functionality in mind. Paul Cookson said A great design web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.

UX Design - great web design without functionality is like a sport car with no engine

In other words, it is useless. Nothing useless has ever given anyone a reason to smile. Don’t try to set a record.

Goal Four: Get People Addicted To Your Product

Quick question. What makes people addicted to Facebook, Uber, Whatsapp, Instagram? Yes, they have all that was previously mentioned but do you think that is good enough to make people use these apps on a long term basis?

A product which forms a new habit has immeasurable potential. However, you can only achieve this if your users’ find your product usable and beneficial to their everyday life within the period it takes to form a new habit

If your product passes the test of functionality and usefulness, you can sip a cup of coffee, tap yourself on the back and be amazed at how loyal people will be to your product.

Goal Five: Make Users Your Product Evangelist

In other words, give them something they won’t want to keep to themselves. Let your product showcase the inherent property of excellent design: to mobilize its users.

In other words, give them something they won’t want to keep to themselves. Let your product showcase the inherent property of excellent design: to mobilize its users.

As we all know, users are the best spokesmen of your products.
Companies may seek help from all kinds of resources to promote their products: KOL, famous blogger, web celebrities. However, none of them is as powerful as users. Build a relationship between the users and potential users by encouraging social media sharing with buttons like Share on Facebook, Tweet About This etc, on the right place. There might be more people will join in.

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