How one man’s idea birthed opportunities: An Interview with our CEO

Lovejoy Okolie

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excerpt from interview with voyage LA

“I left Nigeria when I was 18, 2009.”

Not many people will look back after leaving the shores of Africa, especially leaving a country like Nigeria, where the economic situation is unstable. For many, finally finding the green pasture they desired is a reality they would rather live in than go back to their past where they had lesser opportunities.

Surprisingly, this was not the case with our Team Lead, Dolapo Olisa.

“When I left, I vowed to never forget the people, problems and opportunities that I grew up wondering why no one was coming back to solve”.

His passion for problem-solving led him to pursue his idea of connecting skilful tech talents to businesses that need their services all around the world.

“I wanted a business that empowered skilled individuals in Nigeria in a meaningful and significant way. I wanted to provide distinct, fitting, and purposeful aligning opportunities to talents that I grew up observing in close proximity, struggling to connect their honed skills to real-life opportunities with the potential to make the world a better place without leaving them desolate in the process.”

In his interview with Voyage LA, Dolapo tells an inspiring story of how the idea was conceived and how Charisol was born.

Read the full interview here

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