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How to build a software development team for your startup

by Editorial Team

September 28, 2018


Starting up a business is a crucial and important task, and even more important is the early stages of that business. To build a lasting and successful business, there is more to it than just the business idea and business plan, you have to be consciously aware as a startup manager or team leader that your team is the major foundation of your business.

The potential talent your team possesses is decisive in the growth of your business, and that’s the reason you have to understand how to build a proper team, and also recognise the right talent.

So we’ve got a few tips that’ll give you the right edge on building the right software development team for your startup


Understand the industry

This could seem daring to do, most especially if you’re not a technical team leader, but before you can build an appropriate team, you should get familiar with what the tech and software development industry is about, and how to identify the talent that is right for your startup. This even allows you to understand some ethics, that’ll prevent you from making poor decisions on team management and effectiveness


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Create a suitable work culture

Before you go all out into getting the perfect talents for your team, you have to firstly setup a suitable working culture for your team, because you just don’t a group of people you pay for their skills, you want individuals who are invested in the success of your company, and one sure way in attracting such people is by setting up a proper work culture, that’ll keep your team excited about what they do.


Identify your business needs

When it comes to software development, there are a lot of factors to consider, but to better identify your options on which candidate fits in into your software development team, you have to precisely know what you require from your team. This knowledge allows you stay ahead of the curve, by letting you set your expectations straight, and keeping your team talents evenly distributed and organised, which is why you should keep documentation of your team’s responsibilities.


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Hire a dedicated software development team

Finding suitable talents for your team of developers can be very challenging, specifically if you are a startup company, and a very efficient and cost effective method is integrating an already set team of developers into your company. This allows you to gain more strategic time, by bringing in the right talents to solve technical issues.


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