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How to increase your website’s Google ranking

by Editorial Team

September 21, 2018


With the right content and a well set up SEO tactic, your website stands the chance of ranking so well  on search engines (Google’s listing pages for instance), when potential users search for related content.

However,  content and SEO aren’t enough for you to rank higher on Google. There are other  factors that contribute to Google ranking your website higher. Here’s five of them.

Increase your content quality

Google doesn’t want you to upload content for content sake.  Perhaps you’ve heard, at some point, that “content is king”. But with Google “quality content is king”.


If your website only creates loads of contents, without having the quality (which include relevant statistics, images, nice readability, moderate keywords etc), Google won’t necessarily rank your website higher, instead you are at a high risk of moving down while others websites abiding by the rules move ahead of yours.

Eliminate Zombie Pages 

Zombie pages are pages that do not add any specific value to your website. Examples of zombie pages are old and outdated blog posts, e-commerce pages with no sales, category and tag pages.

Usually, when users search on Google, the search engine will have to index through websites with related information as to what the user is searching for.  If your website has more pages to be indexed before finding the right page, then a website with fewer pages but similar information, will be ranked higher.

Fix SEO Breaks

With quality content, better page indexes but technical SEO faults, your website won’t be getting a higher ranking on Google, but there is a fine way to fix this, it’s called ‘Auditing’. By auditing your website with an auditor tool, your  backlinks and SEO work as intended, and practically improving your ranking on Google.


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Improve CTR (Click Through Rate)

Click-through data has proven to be a huge and critical resource for improving search and quality ranking. This is because a high click-through rate shows Google that your content is more relevant to the audience, which ultimately increases your page ranking on Google.

Optimise for Mobile

A stunning and graphically updated website is great, but if you’ve got so much on your website, that mobile users find it bogus and intimidating to use, they will most likely not visit your website over. It’s important your website is optimised and highly responsive for mobile users.

Optimisation  for mobile users not only improve your users’ experience, but also allows your website to be indexed by search engines — which improves your website visibility and ranking.


There is a bit more to an outstanding SEO plan, and a properly built website.  But all of your business and technical needs are easier when you have a team to build along with you. Together with Charisol, you’ll be able to just create an outstanding business website, that is fully optimised for your mobile users, and also get a bonus tip on having it properly set for search engines to find. Reach out to us right now, and let’s make you websites that dominate the search engine world.


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