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SEO for StartUps: A New Way to Transform Your Business Online.

by Editorial Team

July 25, 2018


The overall management of a startup can be tasking. Once you set the ball rolling by creating your website, the work doesn’t stop; there is always another task ahead.

The biggest challenge for a startup is to be seen!


A handful of businesses want to be noticed online. One of the best ways to achieve this is through SEO.

In this digital world, the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) is in full swing. It has become one of the foremost choices of online businesses to promote their products or services, asides social media marketing and other digital channels. The expenditure on search engine optimization is on the rise. In a recent study, 61% of marketers said improving SEO and growing their organic presence, is their top inbound marketing priority. Thus, it is vital that your startup appears in relevant search engine results, to access your target audiences.

Do you want to be found online easily? Do you want to be matched with users who are querying keywords relevant to your business? Do you want to be seen as a leader in your industry?

SEO can help you and your business achieve the above. For starters, it is very important to shed some light on what search engine optimization is all about.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is simply defined as the practice of improving traffic to a site through effective and relevant content. Improving such traffic will result in higher ranking the content for appropriate search results, on various search engines such as Google and Bing. There are two major ways traffic gets to a website: organic search and paid search.

In other words, SEO involves a good number of activities that make your site search engine friendly. Oftentimes, search engines such as Google and Bing rank web pages based on what is called “authority”. The authority of a page is influenced by how many other quality web pages link back to them. Such links are referred to as “backlinks”. The process is simple: if a web page contains a great deal of information, it would be shared by several users who find such content relevant, on blogs, and on major social media platforms, and this gives it a high rank in the search results.

This gets really PROFITABLE when users or visitors to your website become your potential clients or buyers for your business.

Having understood the term “search engine optimization”, you may be curious about how essential it is to your startup. Below are advantages of a very effective search engine optimization for your business:

1. Optimizing your business’s website for search engines is one of the reasonably priced techniques around. This is because the process of converting a sales lead to a customer using SEO can be achieved in a cost-effective way.

2. Effective search engine optimization does not bring any kind of traffic to your website, it brings targeted traffic. Through this process, your website can receive highly-qualified leads who are likely to become your clients because they visit your website through the search engine result page, looking for their desired product or service you offer.

3. With increased traffic, there is a greater likelihood of sales or engagement. Search engine optimization can help your startup generate more income through increased web traffic and sales.

4. Effective search engine optimization improves your ranking in search results. An improved ranking contributes to a business’s online reputation. Appearing as one of the highly-ranked results for popular keywords, within your niche, passes a message to users, that you are a top player in your niche.

5. Content is king in this digital age. Therefore, it should be included in your SEO strategy. Producing quality content allows your company to communicate its expertise through writing. This, in turn helps search engines index your site as relevant to your key terms.

According to a research by GE capital retail bank, 81% of modern buyersresearch products online and make price comparison, before going to make their purchase. They do not wait for information provided by social sellers alone. Thus, being seen in a good position on the search results, increases your product’s chances of being chosen when the customer actually decides to make a decision online. These factors amongst others contribute to your website’s success in search engines.

Charisol’s Search Engine Optimization Specialists will keep you updated on the newest techniques, which will play an important part in your SEO campaign. At Charisol, we understand effective internet marketing concepts. We optimize with relevant websites and diversify each page to fit what targeted customers are looking for. We also have extensive experience in the software industry and help to create and maintain a formidable SEO strategy for your business.

We’re looking to help brands globally come to the realization that online marketing exists beyond social media marketing, email marketing, and other digital channels. Contact us today to help you to gain a foothold in your chosen niche!

We’re Charisol, a software development agency that connects remote friendly companies with a community of talented software developers. Follow us here on Medium or on social (FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn).

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