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Dolapo Olisa’s Exciting Journey and Conversation with Voyage L.A

Everyone dreams of starting a company, but no one can predict how much of a rollercoaster the journey will be.

In this inspiring interview, Dolapo Olisa, Charisol Tech Lead, takes us on a journey of big dreams, determination and consistency.

Discover how leaving your comfort zone can reinvent your thoughts about problem-solving and how an experience can turn your life around for good. 

” I left Nigeria when I was 18, in 2009. When I left, I vowed to never forget the people, problems and opportunities that I grew up wondering why no one was coming back to solve.

I started my professional career in 2013, and I remember vividly being shocked and surprised why anyone would pay for my time. My first month on the job, I couldn’t believe that my paycheck cleared. Really? They are going to pay me to test software?!

These two distinct experiences intersected in 2015. After a few years on the job, I started to wrestle with my purpose; what is it, how do I live it out, etc. I had frictions at work because my work gave me a sense of purpose but my purpose didn’t have room to thrive and be fully explored within the confines of work.”


On building a startup, Dolapo share the Charisol Story – the idea, where we are, how we’re doing and where we’re headed.

” Charisol was born, initially a software development shop with talents based in Nigeria, helping early stage entrepreneurs and start-ups take their ideas in whatever stage it is into becoming a scaled sustainable and thriving business.

The long-term vision was always taking ideas through an evolving blueprint till it matures into a full-blown adult business. The how has evolved over time. At first, the only people willing to take a chance on us were co-workers that knew my work ethic and commitment to excellence. However, because we were new and unknown, the pricing had to be low to derisk their bet on me and the team.”

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