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Dolapo Olisa’s Tips: Protecting Businesses from Hackers 

Our Tech Lead, Dolapo Olisa, recently chatted with Shauli Zacks from Safety Detectives about different cybersecurity challenges in apps and websites, how to patch them, and tips on how business owners can protect themselves from hackers.

In his responses to questions that spanned from the vulnerabilities in apps and websites, Dolapo shared insights that can help businesses stay safe online. Some of the questions from the interview include:

  • What are some of the vulnerabilities in apps and websites, and how can you patch them?
  • What steps can small business owners take to improve their online security against hackers and data leaks?
  • What can a business owner do if their site or product gets hacked?
  • How can they regain control and secure their data?
  • Tips for protecting online data from scammers and hackers

In his response to how people can protect their online data from scammers and hackers, Dolapo gave the following advice.

  • Look for trust signals on every website you visit. Things like the lock showing the website are secure. A site that doesn’t use HTTPS probably will be careless with your data.
  • Avoid using the same password on multiple sites. If one is compromised, the easy thing to do is try the same password on other sites.
  • Don’t click on links or open websites from sources you do not know. And when you do, only give information that the site should need.

Addressing the steps business owners can take to improve their online security against hackers and data leaks, he shared the following tips.

  • Don’t expose your DNS providers publicly. Users shouldn’t be able to detect the URLs of your hosts easily.
  • Timely upgrades. Don’t use stale or outdated versions of core dependencies – e.g. WordPress, Node, etc
  • Use tools like Dependabot to detect and patch code vulnerabilities
  • Use static code analysis like Veracode and sonar to detect security vulnerabilities
  • Pen test to detect infrastructure loopholes before hackers.

Read the full interview on SafetyDetectives.

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