Where to hire Nigerian programmers — an extensive list of companies to work with

Where to hire Nigerian programmers

Source: Pexel For your business organisation to stay competitive in today’s digital world, it must engage in software development. This will help bring about a breakthrough solution that will give clients great delight and increase operational performance. However, hiring a skilled and competent software developer could be a daunting task, especially for non-tech recruiters. In […]

What Stats Show Us About Mobile App Trends in Q4, 2018

Mobile app trends 2021

Mobile apps are being put to use every day by consumers; to play games, connect with friends, order food, send money and so much more. Business-wise, they have become important channels for enterprises and organisations that seek better communication with their customers. In early 2017, mobile apps have grown to account for about half of […]

These are the Digital Skills You Need for Your Software Development Project

top digital skills you need

As a software developer, building projects go beyond writing codes and applying algorithms. Besides your supercool tech skills, you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that digital technology plays a vital role in today’s virtual world,  and the software industry is no exception. For the sake of your career and to remain relevant in a rapidly changing […]

How to Position Yourself as an African Programmer for Foreign Gigs

Now that you feel confident about your skills as a competent, African programmer, you may be ready to take yourself to the next stage — making your skills attractive to foreign companies thereby landing international gigs. Here are some tips, that would definitely make you, as an African programmer, open to foreign attraction.

How to Land Foreign Gigs Without Cold-Calling or Marketing as an African Programmer

The world is getting digitized at an amazingly fast rate. Although Africa is lagging behind, the continent isn’t completely out of the loop. Tech hubs and coding programs across Africa have become increasingly popular, leading to more opportunities for the population at large and serving as a leveraging ground for the under-educated sect. But with […]

The Rise of Software Developers in Africa

A quick overview of Africa’s tech industry Technology is playing a vital role in the transitioning of Africa from the sidelines of the global economy into the mainstreams. A team of experts from different African countries once stated “only technological development holds the key for a much-desired transformation in Africa.” This is true in every […]