Why UX Research Matters For Your Business in 2022

UX design framework

To create successful designs that speak to your target audience, it is important that you understand how your audience reacts to certain elements. This is what UX (user experience) research is all about. It encompasses a variety of methods and investigations to glean insight into the audience needs and can include everything from interviews, surveys, […]

UI Vs UX Design: The Difference Between User Interface and User Experience

UI Vs UX Design

In product design, the terms user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are used very often and it’s also not uncommon to see them used interchangeably or incorrectly. However, while these two can be similar in some ways, they also play different roles and should be regarded as individual entities rather than interchangeable terms. UI […]

The Importance of User Experience in Customer Relationship Management

UX vs CX, Customer Relationship Management

The primary goal of any business is to generate profits over time and one of the ways this is possible is through effective customer relationship management (CRM). One familiar term in business is user experience and how it has a direct impact on businesses, as it plays a huge role in customer experience, which further […]