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The best approach to content marketing for your B2C startup

by Adedolapo Olisa

August 31, 2018


Attracting customers to any business isn’t easy, but it could be easier if you understood the mechanics of content marketing. Let’s find out why content marketing is great, and the best approach to utilising it with a practical case study.

It was a gentle evening and Tony just got a text from his product manager, that his business will be launching tomorrow. Finally! After months of planning and strategising, his business is going live in the market.

Launch day arrives and the company’s website goes live.  Everything seems to be going well until three months into business. Tony discovers he needs to get more customers, and relate better with existing ones, since there’s now more competition in his industry.

Quickly, his marketing team comes up with a great idea, Content marketing — to create content that actually connects, and appeals to customers since not all first timers into the business, will actually want to pay for the services.


Perhaps  like Tony, you want your brand and message to be more relatable to your audience. Content marketing could be the much needed key you need to turn.

The goal in content marketing is for your business to have an impression on anyone who comes in contact with your brand — so that they become paying customers and  keep coming back — while keeping your paying customers equally engaged.

Here are the important things you need to achieve, your content marketing goals,  be closer to your customers and even dominate your industry.


Understand Who Your Customers Are

As a business owner, you obviously want customers to be loyal to your brand.Your first step to creating content that connects with them, is understanding who they really are, and what their peculiar needs are.

Understanding this will put you on the bright path to creating great and relatable content. Get insight into your target audience by using Analytics on related contents, and also questionnaires targeted towards your potential audience, giving you invaluable data.


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Create Helpful Content

As a business wanting to connect more with clients , and having them get closer to your brand, you could be tempted to create content that helps them understand how to use your product more efficiently, and this is great, but you certainly shouldn’t overdo this.

Your content should be educative, as well as informative on issues related to your industry. People will keep coming back if you offer them real value or  free tools to enhance their productivity. In so doing, , but the underlying factor is, they are more liable to bond with your brand, and in effect your business.


Diversify Content Format

Content  shouldn’t necessarily be  blog posts with only texts and images. Being a business owner, building and sustaining engagement are both important, and one very effective way is to switch on your content format from time to time.

You could create animations, or audio-blogs, or simple gifs that keeps your customers engaged, and not stuck in a routine.


Collect Data

For a very effective content marketing strategy, you need data. It refers to every pieces of information about your customers that allows you keep in touch with them. They include email addresses, phone numbers or any other relevant  information that allows you to keep your customers updated.

Tools like Hello Bar or Drift are really helpful in helping you collate data from your target market.


Track Progress

Creating the right content is great  However, you still need to properly monitor what’s working and what isn’t. To track your progress, you need to gather user data that allows you to properly specify your business priorities.


Use Social Media

While it’s important to know your customers, create content for them, collect data, track progress , it’s highly essential to  keep engagement. The latter happens to be one very important factor in successful content marketing strategy.. It’s imperative to build and keep engaging your target audience  by effectively using the social media.

There is more to an effective content marketing strategy that keeps you connected with your target market, and to explore more options about how to effectively create a content marketing strategy, including building your business from design up to product launch, then you should connect with Charisol.


At Charisol, we are a 100% remote software and business development company, that helps you create an appropriate content marketing strategy for your business, and build the perfect atmosphere for you to thrive.



Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

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