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Top 10 Product Design Agencies In Nigeria

by Deborah Iroegbu

November 23, 2023



Do you want to develop a brand-new product or enhance an already-existing one? If so, you must employ a product design company. Product design companies are experts at producing goods that are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing and satisfy the needs of your target market.

We’ll talk about the top 10 product design firms in Nigeria in this article. Additionally, we will discuss what product design is, the benefits of hiring a product design agency, and how to pick the best one for your requirements.

What is Product Design?

The process of coming up with, creating, and perfecting products that address specific market needs and user issues is known as product design. By establishing the product and company goals, as well as by foreseeing market prospects and user demands, a product designer contributes to the creation of goods that please customers. 

Although they are integrated into product design, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design focus on the usability, appearance, and UX of the product. Enhancing usability and the user experience is also a part of product design, but it is done contextually by concentrating on factors like process, expense, and the brand’s overall position in the market.

Understanding the end-user customer, or the person for whom the product is being built, is essential for successful product design. By applying empathy and an understanding of the routines, behaviors, frustrations, requirements, and wants of their potential customers, product designers try to solve real problems for real people.

The ideal execution of product design is so faultless that no one even notices; consumers can use the product naturally as needed because product design recognized their needs and foresaw their usage.

The full product lifecycle is woven together by good product design principles. From user research prior to ideation to concept development to prototyping and usability testing, product design is crucial in developing the first user experience and product offering.

Benefits of Choosing a Product Design Agency

Product design agency are more experienced in creating User-friendly design that appeals to your target audience. They understand how designs make an impression and convince people to buy. Below are some of the benefits of hiring a good product design agency.

1.  Professionalism and Experience

The typical business owner simply doesn’t have the time to grasp the professional knowledge and experience that a product developing company should have. Professional product design businesses will guarantee that all of the items you have are optimized for utility and success, from knowledge of the most effective production techniques to in-depth comprehension of consumer demands and aspirations. They know just how to differentiate your product from a sea of rival offerings while keeping costs down and functional standards high.

2. Cost reduction

Cost is a major consideration in the design of any product, and poor design can result in production or delivery costs that are far higher than necessary. For instance, a poorly designed product may have superfluous components or features that have no value at all. Professional design teams attempt to eliminate extraneous components that could increase manufacturing costs in order to build a product—and subsequently sell it—for the lowest cost while retaining quality.

3. Efficient and excellent work teams

Companies that specialize in design work in productive teams and have the design process down to a science. A product design company can provide the speedy, efficient design outcomes that a business needs. Product design firms have cooperative teams that produce coherent, complementary design concepts faster than hiring a large number of different designers and attempting to compare or combine their ideas. Every time you switch between different designers, you lose money because time is a valuable resource. For serious business owners, a single company’s team supporting your design is the obvious choice.

Top 10 Product Design Agencies in Nigeria

1. Charisol is a Software development agency that assists businesses or companies in forging distinctive visual identities. They have a staff of designers who can assist you in making a product that is representative of your business and pleasing to the eye.

2. DODO is a research-driven design consulting firm based out of Africa, that helps organizations discover their market’s truest needs in web design, logo design etc.

3. Talosmart is a Nigeria Information Technology brand of excellence that offers high quality and user-friendly bespoke web, desktop and mobile applications to MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises).

4. Albanny Technologies is a Professional Web Design, Mobile App Development and Digital Marketing Company in Nigeria. They create digital marketing strategies,design websites and Mobile App that engages your audience,tell your story and drive leads that grow your brand

5. BrandGeko is a digital agency that provides the essential digital services required for businesses to become well-structured for exponential growth.

6. Feman Media Agency is a hybrid creative team that thrives on translating brand essence to consumer experience. We combine strategy, design, technology and advertising services to create smarter brands, ready for the global stage.

7. BeeTcore is a digital product design and development agency in Lagos Nigeria. Website design, WordPress expert, branding and UI/UX design for web & mobile development.

8. DBO Agency is a full-service branding, web design and marketing agency on a mission to give clients the most riveting branding experience possible. 

9. TopYouGo is a Lagos based full service digital marketing agency providing a wide range of digital services across Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt.

10. FourthCanvas is a brand-centric design and web agency based in Lagos. They partner with and create innovative solutions for the most ambitious brands.


More often than not, people don’t appreciate the scope and strategic importance of the function of product design. It involves more than just improving a product’s appearance. In the words of Eric Eriksson, “product design is the whole process.” You assess the validity of the problem in addition to creating, designing, testing, and delivering the solution. 

At Charisol we design and develop websites and other digital products to optimize your business, improve conversion, and increase profitability. 


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