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5 Most Relevant Programming Languages Every 21st Century Developer Should Know

by Adedolapo Olisa

August 2, 2018


As trends constantly change in our social community, so also do trends change in our tech community, most especially in the areas of computer programming and software development.

There are certainly many programming languages in the software development ecosystem, but here are are the top five most relevant programming languages, that would makes you not only make you a better software developer, but also give you the edge you need among your competitive peers — so you can also work with the leading tech like Google, Microsoft, and many other global financial organisations beyond Africa!


Python is popular as a general-purpose programming language in the 21st century because of its vast adoption in web/software development as a primary language or support language (including it’s frameworks). It is also extremely useful for penetration testing, which makes it a very important language to learn –it can build and equally break.

In 2018, the need for developers using Python has increased by 6% compared to 2017. Companies that use Python include: DropBox, Yahoo and N.A.S.A


Java is one of the most relevant programming languages that has existed for ages. But it still hasn’t lost relevance, thanks to the consistent rise in the use of Android mobiles and applications. The language in which android applications are written is JAVA, and even if nothing else is considered, your current ability to develop android softwares, will prove invaluable.

Anyone who needs to develop an Android app would definitely need this programming skill.


Java and JavaScript may seem like twin languages,but there’s a great disparity between them. The only thing they have in common is both can be used to develop software and applications.

JavaScript is considered by many as the Grandfather of programming languages, partly because it is used by over 70% of software developers, and over 90% of websites use when there are dynamic logic HTML can’t implement. Obviously, there is more possibilities with JavaScript frameworks (Angular and React), to really bring your Frontend development skill to the top.

Companies that use JavaScript includes: Microsoft, Google and Uber.


C++ is referred to as “The Hard Core” because it remains a very relevant programming language today. It’s use extends to software development, gaming apps and other user-interactive applications.

Compared to other C languages (C, C#), C++ is as a language could prove daunting for many new software developers. But as soon as you grasp it, you’ll understand one simple truth every professional software developer know.

Top organization that use C++ includes: Oracle, Amazon as well as PayPal.


PHP is a scripting language used on the server side in web development. What keeps the relevance of the language is because, many software developers for top organizations use PHP to also add functions that HTML can’t handle. This agelong language is also used to interact with MySQL databases, making it important for this organizations to keep proper track of their organization’s user data.

Forbes, CNN, and Facebook are among many others that work with PHP developers.

If you can gain your feet in these programming languages, no doubt, you are set to build, manage and work with the most profitable organizations beyond Africa.

P.S. (These relevant programming languages function around the same logic, but are different is their Syntax [how they are written]).

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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

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