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Buy the best baked goods online

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Kaked Bar aims to showcase vendors who produce baked goods. Design for e-commerce platforms is a special field of knowledge and practice. On the one hand, there are more and more users with an average or high level of tech literacy, who trust this way of shopping and are open to buying online. On the other hand, the level of competition in the field is also becoming more diverse and comprehensive with the constantly increasing number of services and platforms for selling and buying via the Internet. Our challenge was to create a modern logo, branding, and a responsive web application that reflects its values of artisanal craftsmanship, accessibility and community. An additional challenge was designing a way for website vendors to sign up for a monthly subscription service for back office tools, which would be featured on the responsive web application.

Our parent company, Charisol wanted to redesign, refresh and rethink the user experience of the tool.

"Every person at Charisol that I've been in contact with or is working on our product has been top notch. Skilled, creative, smart and SO easy to work with."
Co-Founder Kaked Bar

We studied the trends on the market and analyzed the potential target audience of customers who would actually buy the goods.

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We were keen to activate different techniques of visual perception via headline, images, background and copy block so that users could get the basic information immediately and got the warm feeling of freshly baked goods. On the basis of the design solutions, it is easy to assume that this is the service positioning itself as a showcaser of upmarket vendors with products which are exclusively hand-made and presumably because of that reason cost higher than average goods in the supermarket.

Modernism is the style provided by the webpage: dark image background, branding element as a central element of a header, strong and clear headline establishing positive emotional message, visual elements enabling immediate perception of the theme and setting strong visual association with tasty goods, short text block describing basic benefits of the product and clearly visible call to action.