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Design is great for business. User-centered design is even better. This concept led Bevel Plexus to undertake a great redesign effort and completely overall their current business model. This redesign intended not only to improve their business performance but by delivering a seamless experience to their user personas. The solution was a versatile system that allows Bevel Plexus to efficiently automate business processes and continuously evolve their user experience.

A modern and fully responsive web App to position Bevel Plexus at the forefront of the money transfer arena

Design should respond to user’s needs and goals. With the arise of a new generation of users who demand transparent information, Bevel Plexus embraced a design-first philosophy as a business and market strategy that positions its Money Transfer service at the forefront of the targeted industry and users.

Every person at Charisol that I've been in contact with or is working on our product has been top notch. Skilled, creative, smart and SO easy to work with..
Femi Odutola
CEO, Bevel Plexus

Impactful design from the pixel level to the user journey level. All elements contribute to a seamless experience for users

Design is good for business. User-centered design is even better. By listening to their user personas and comparing past versions of the product (a&b testing, survey questionnaires) and mapping their User Journeys into actionable flows, Bevel Plexus was able to create an experience that focuses on the most valuable tasks from an individual and a student standpoint.