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Maildrip is looking to improve the experience for personas with their audiences as well as the ease of conducting drip campaigns for the everyday enterpreneur.

Our parent company, Charisol wanted to redesign, refresh and rethink the user experience of the tool.

Defining Success

Through improving the experience for our main user roles (admin and basic), we’d like to see an increase in user retention and also the number of campaigns sent. These are the success metrics:

– Increase the first-month retention by 20%

– Increase daily active users by 10%

– Increase campaigns sent by 20%

“I believe my business can scale with the right strategy”

We needed to define a powerful user persona to guide my decisions when designing this application. The company had conducted research that gave lots on insight into our workflow


Faith Omebije

28 yrs old


Merchandise Owner


Professional, Curious, Determined


Faith Omebije is the owner of her personal merchandise brand

She is a generous and determined lady. She started her brand having discovered how to utilise dropshipping techniques. She wants to provide merchandise to her community and create job oppourtunies from her business.

She’s a single lady who manages a team of 9 people working under her. She has been in this business for three years and wants to grow her business all over the country.

Having a lot of competitors and less team members as a small business owner she would like to grow her business with less effort and expenditure.


• Increase Merchandise Sales
• Increase Customer Loyalty
• Personalized Relationship with Customers
• Utilize email marketing tools to grow her brand presence and conversion rate


• Many users don't see offers or re- purchase items
• Can't interact with many users
• A lot of competitors do not have the time for a complicated email marketing tool

Faith comes to her office and greets her team members

Faith comes to her office and greets her team members

They researched and found Maildrip a better option and easy to use
Her team brainstorms content ideas while faith signs up on Maildrip
She signs up easily and in a few clicks sets her campaign content
She easily adds and imports recipients that her marketing team have given her
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She’s at the final confirmation page of the campaign: the review stage which she does and schedules it to run a week later

Faith and her team are happy with the conversions they have gotten through their drip campaign

Maildrip is a email marketing tool targeted to allow small business owners and lead generators send automated drip campaigns to their target user bases.

To help lay the building blocks for my initial design, we needed to brainstorm many possible scenarios of what Faith would potentially need from a solution. Brainstorming was helpful to generate lots of ideas. However, We needed to get organized, so we clustered stories into epics.

These guided me in ascertaining what the individual features would be by way of smaller user stories that essentially helped me map out multiple user journeys from discovery to action.


When I login, I want to see an overview of the system actions. I want to see a summary of the actions I have taken before

As a user, I want to put targeted emails addresses or import subscribers from a file so that they can receive my campaign emails.

As a logged in user, I want to see what campaigns I have created in ascending order so that I track what campaigns/marketing strategy have been enacted in my business.

When I login, I want to see an overview of the system actions. I want to see a summary of the actions I have taken before

As a user I want to send sample test emails to myself and someone else so that I can see how it looks and make changes before sending to subscribers.

When I login, I want to see an overview of the system actions. I want to see a summary of the actions I have taken before

As an user, I want to see my active subscribers and unsubscribers to evaluate my marketing strategy.

As an User, I want to view my active, paused, stopped and finished campaigns and how they performed.

We love building design systems that grow with my clients. We created reusable components for Maildrip to make future scaling simple.

Simple Flows, to retain the primary persona. Minimal so the content of the customer actions could stand out with a focus on completing actions that give huge impacts. We created sketches and made stakeholder iterations on mid fidelity prototypes.

Maildrip emails by Charisol
maildrip solution

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