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Your business needs a landing page that converts

by Funmilayo Tijani

January 10, 2022


Building and promoting a business requires a well-detailed plan and execution process. On the digital front, there are several elements that you must bring together to achieve your business goals. One of the most vital is creating the perfect landing page that converts.

Your landing page must be easy to reach, must contain all vital information for your customers and drive them to patronise your business. There are thousands of landing page templates online that you may be considering. However, it is important that you note that creating a great landing page requires some deeper thoughts than a couple of elements thrown together. We have put together a simple guide that informs you why your business needs a landing page that converts.


What exactly is a landing page

First, let’s discuss what a landing page is. This is the main page your customers view after they click on an ad or a link about your business. Your landing page is a major part of your sales funnel and serves to make the conversion process as seamless as possible. 

“According to Wordstream, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, while the top 25% convert at 5.31% or higher. 

The top 10% are pages with conversion rates of 11.45% or higher.”

Landing page for Kaked bar

Landing page for Kaked Bar created by Charisol. Click here to learn more

You can tailor your landing page to a specific goal you want to achieve with that campaign including:

  • Event sign-up
  • Products and services sails
  • Downloading an ebook
  • Scheduling a meeting

There are several elements and approaches necessary to building a great landing page as we discuss below.


1. Keep it simple but comprehensive

Clutter is a major distraction to avoid on your landing page. Your page should be seamless and avoid too much of everything – texts, images, testimonials included.

Rocket lawyer landing page

Source: RocketLawyer

The layout of your landing page must have a simple, scrollable and scannable structure. Your customers need to understand what you are all about in one glance. The use of colours should also align with your brand’s image. 


2. Engaging texts that grab customers interest

You must conduct keyword research before creating your landing page. Google keyword planner allows you to search the phrases and words people searching for your services are likely to use. Integrating this into the texts on your landing page will boost its visibility.

Kscope tagline for landing page

Copy for Kscope, created by Charisol. Click here to learn more


A good landing page should include the following texts:

  • Headline – Your headline should be compact and attention-grabbing, it must speak directly to the customers’ needs. Some landing page headlines you may find interesting:

          Drive towards what mattersLyft

          Learn to code interactively, for free – Code Academy

          Accounting made for you, the non-accountant – Fresh books


  • Subheadings – Your subheadings will expand on your copy and will give a short direction on how to proceed. Here are subheadings from our previous brand examples.

          See how much you can make driving with Lyft (includes a rate calculator) – Lyft

          How can coding help you – Code Academy

          Join 5 million people using Fresh book to painlessly send invoices, track time and capture expenses – Fresh Books

The above examples proceed to further entice you with their offers and throw more weight on why you should go ahead and sign up. In the case of Lyft, they even include a calculator where you can view the potential income from driving with the, That’s sure to catch the attention of anyone already interested enough to visit their landing page.

  • Website content – The website content refers to the remaining texts that expand on commonly asked questions or how the services work. Some ultra-minimalist landing pages choose to forego this entirely and just move on to the CTA. This is especially true for large companies or services most people are already familiar with.


  • A strong CTA – Your CTA stands for a Call To Action. It is a piece of text that literally urges your customers to go ahead with the purchase by carrying out a specific action. It must stand out from the rest of the text on the page, in terms of font style and colour. You can tailor your CTA around a promo or offer you are giving to make them act immediately or you can go for common examples that have proven to work. Popular CTAs include:

          Sign up now

          Click here to sign up

          Buy now

          Click to buy

           Get started today

Some additional tips you will find useful when creating your texts include;

  • Integrate whitespace smartly and effectively
  • Use dropdowns in place of texts for forms
  • Don’t make form-filling cumbersome – Name, email, phone number and one or two fields are enough


3. Relevant images

Images are a core part of engaging your audience and grabbing their attention. You want to make sure the image resonates with your audience and also fits your brands’ overall presentation. Avoid images that are too stocky or fake. Engaging images is a core part of building a landing page that converts.

Netflix landing page

Source: Netflix

When it comes to images, less is more. Netflix uses a simple backdrop showing a hint of the wide variety of offers available on their site. They also made sure to mix movies and TV shows of all genres and age range so customers understand there is something for everyone on Netflix.


4. A straightforward purchase process

Your landing page should work towards making customers take that final action towards conversion. To this end, it is vital you eliminate all distractions. The only link that should be on your landing page should be the link that makes the conversion process complete; for instance, a submit form button, a payment button or sign up button etc

The attention span of most people is very limited hence you need to focus their attention on the one thing that makes the conversion process simple and complete.


5. Reassure your customers

Your landing page should include disclaimers and social proofs to assure your customers that your business can be trusted. This is especially vital if you are a payment based business or one that isn’t well known. We’ve spoken previously on how social proof contributes to your business success.

To do this, you should include social proof, this is essentially testimonials and indications from people who have made purchases from you. This can be in form of written texts and pictures or video testimonials. The latter offers more believability for customers.

6. Contact details

It is not unexpected that you will have customers who still doubt your viability and genuineness. Hence it is advisable you make room for customers who may have further questions or enquiries to reach out to you through a short contact form.

Contact page

Source: TasksEveryDay

Keep the contact form simple, by only requesting Name, email and enquiries. The goal is to keep them on the page as much as possible and not distract them by asking them to perhaps make a call. Another faster option is to integrate a live chat option through which they can chat with a representative in real-time and make the purchase process faster.


7. Promote it properly

Beyond creating your landing page, you need to make sure you know, people are actually landing on it and making inquiries or purchases through it. Hence, it is absolutely essential you promote your business properly.

A good landing page would contribute positively to your website having a high SEO ranking. Your landing page should be tailored to a specific campaign you are running. If your ad is promoting 10% offers on certain products or services, this must be reflected in your landing page’s copy. Don’t let customers be turned off if your landing page doesn’t meet their expectations.

If you want a landing page that converts, promote it via Display ads, Search engine marketing, Social media promotion etc This ensures you are reaching the right people with proper targeting who are most likely to convert.



Your landing page should serve one major function: and that is to convert as much as possible for your business. At Charisol, we have perfected landing pages that have significantly boosted conversion rates for several of our clients over the years.

By conducting essential research into what a business needs on a case by case business, we are able to build personalised landing pages that will help you achieve your business goals. We can help you build the landing page that best suits your business. Click here to get started.


Funmilayo Tijani

Funmilayo Tijani

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