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Do this one thing and your sales will skyrocket 10x

by Adedolapo Olisa

September 23, 2019


From time immemorial, sales have been the backbone of every successful business or company. It’s a known fact that; the more you sell, the more your chances of staying in business. But, you can’t expect the sales approach that worked in the 80s, 90s, and even in early 2000, would still be effective till date. The exact approach to increasing sales (which is considered effective), is what you’ll be learning in this article.

Before we dive deep into it, imagine this scenario:

Your car breaks down on your way out, and you don’t know where or what to touch.⁣ Now compare the services of these engineers:

⁣Engineer ’A’ shows up, started touching several parts of your car for hours, sweating profusely. Finally, he got it fixed in four hours or thereabout.⁣

⁣Engineer ’B’ on the other hand, came with a diagnostic tool, scanned your car and in less than five minutes he discovered and shared the problem with you. He got it fixed in less than 30 minutes.⁣

⁣Whom would you prefer to continue working with in future? Or perhaps refer to friends and family?⁣

⁣You can’t be wrong, it’s Engineer ’B’ all the way.

The old approach

If you like to explain the features and benefits of your service or product, you’re no different from the engineer ‘A’ above. You’ll find yourself talking too much and eventually bore the life out of the prospect. The days of listing service or product benefits and features to makes sales have long gone.

We call this the ‘Push Sales Era’. You always sound pushy in every sales conversation, making it obvious to your prospect that you really need to close the sale. You scare prospects away with this approach and end up getting a ‘No’ for an answer. How sad?

If only you can cease selling, and do what we’ll be recommending to you shortly. Then you will begin to seamlessly experience an increase in sales.


The exact way to increase sales by 10X

Cease selling! Do this instead, to increase sales by 10x

To increase sales, you need to understand that there’s a ’gap’ between where your prospect is now and where they want to be. ⁣Your job is to know how to make your prospects understand how your service or product can bridge that gap.⁣ If you don’t understand what this gap is, it’ll be very difficult to make or increase sales.⁣

If all you do is keep pushing the features and benefits of your service or product, you’re just going to get objections like, “That sounds okay, but let me get back to you.”⁣ or maybe, “…follow up with me in 3 months.” ⁣They won’t buy eventually.

But when you can help your prospect understand how your products or services are the best fit to help them solve their problem, or bridge that gap, that’s when they buy.

Cease selling, start diagnosing!⁣

If you deploy the diagnosis approach of selling, you’ll be ahead of the game with your prospect. Your prospect will be doing 80% of the talking while you do just 20% in all your sales conversation. With this, you’ll close more sales than ever.

How to deploy the diagnosis approach to increase sales

You can deploy this approach by asking your prospects qualifying questions. Asking qualifying questions are powerful because in most cases, your prospects end up closing themselves. It also makes them see you as a consultant instead of the regular sales guy.

You should be after solving their problems and not just pushing for a sale.

How do you know the kind of questions to ask in qualifying your prospect? Check out this previous article of ours, to learn ways to handle objections and deploy the diagnosis approach properly.

In conclusion, the number one skill every entrepreneur (mostly startups) should have is a quality sales skill. This is not a skill to be outsourced in your early stage in business. If you master how to deploy the diagnosis approach properly, you’ll find your sales increase by 10X its present state.


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Adedolapo Olisa

Adedolapo Olisa

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