Top Benefits of Hiring Your Next Programmers From Africa

Tech hubs in Africa

As Africa becomes more prominent on the global software and digital creation stage, stakeholders in the industry are showing an increased interest in talents on the continent. While nations like Morocco and South Africa are often at the forefront when discussing African programmers, more countries are joining the conversation as centres for tech talents.   […]

5 Tips to Effectively Handle Your Tech Team

Handling Tech team

A common management problem people encounter with developers is relying on the assumption that great developers equal excellent product delivery. Yet, even the dream team of the most stolid professionals cannot conduct a mind probe to understand just precisely what you want. Since there is no place for vagueness or ambiguity during a tech project, […]

These are the Digital Skills You Need for Your Software Development Project

top digital skills you need

As a software developer, building projects go beyond writing codes and applying algorithms. Besides your supercool tech skills, you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that digital technology plays a vital role in today’s virtual world,  and the software industry is no exception. For the sake of your career and to remain relevant in a rapidly changing […]

How to Position Yourself as an African Programmer for Foreign Gigs

Now that you feel confident about your skills as a competent, African programmer, you may be ready to take yourself to the next stage — making your skills attractive to foreign companies thereby landing international gigs. Here are some tips, that would definitely make you, as an African programmer, open to foreign attraction.

5 Most Relevant Programming Languages Every 21st Century Developer Should Know

As trends constantly change in our social community, so also do trends change in our tech community, most especially in the areas of computer programming and software development. There are certainly many programming languages in the software development ecosystem, but here are are the top five most relevant programming languages, that would makes you not […]