Do this one thing and your sales will skyrocket 10x

How to skyrocket your business sales

From time immemorial, sales have been the backbone of every successful business or company. It’s a known fact that; the more you sell, the more your chances of staying in business. But, you can’t expect the sales approach that worked in the 80s, 90s, and even in early 2000, would still be effective till date. […]

Email marketing is not dead, conversational marketing has only taken over

Email marketing that converts

There’s been increasing talks about email marketing being dead or not, amongst digital marketers and even business owners. They believe email engagement has hit the rock bottom, and as a result, email open rate has fallen off a cliff, with click-through rates being lower than ever. Is email marketing truly dead or has conversational marketing […]

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: When to Use Which

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Many advertisers often view Google Ads and Facebook Ads in a competitive manner. However, this shouldn’t be so. Both brands are strategically posed as competitors. This is possibly a brand awareness and sales tactic. Indeed, the two digital marketing tools have differences. Yet, this hasn’t hindered many businesses from combining the two superpowers for their business […]

How to Monitor and Effectively Deliver Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing guides 2021

Today, customers across-board are often bombarded with lots of product choices. As such there’s a pressure on business owners to stand out in a crowded space of competitors jotling for the same market attention. To stay on top of the game with your customers, email campaigns are a great addition to other digital marketing strategies […]

Should You Have a Specific Social Media Design Template for Your Accounts?

latest social media templates

Social media users come across hundreds or even thousands of social media posts daily, depending on how much time they spend online. But only a handful of these posts are powerful enough to make each person stop scrolling and pay attention to what’s being communicated. Such posts usually have something in common — they’re high-quality, […]

These are the Digital Skills You Need for Your Software Development Project

top digital skills you need

As a software developer, building projects go beyond writing codes and applying algorithms. Besides your supercool tech skills, you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that digital technology plays a vital role in today’s virtual world,  and the software industry is no exception. For the sake of your career and to remain relevant in a rapidly changing […]

Effective Digital Marketing Services for B2B Startups

Effective Digital Marketing Services for B2B Startups

Most digital marketing reports and strategies seem to speak to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies, leaving Business-to-Business (B2B) companies under-advised and out in the cold. It is usually assumed that B2B companies are organizations with huge budgets and a surplus number of team members. This assumption hinders B2B startups. While startups are known to buzz with ideas […]