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eLearning is one of the fastest-growing industries, and it continues to grow rapidly. Since the year 2000, the market growth rate has been 900%. With advancing technology in the world of eLearning, making the effectiveness and convenience of Learning Management Systems beneficial for just about anyone, from students, employees is paramount for anyone looking to learn something new(formal or informal)

Full Course Sales Funnel Service = Landing Page + LMS + Email Automation

Charisol will like to deliver a learning management system/cloud online training SAAS solution that helps people host and deliver video content via the internet. We challenged ourselves to create an experience that elevates Tish from the sea of ed-tech startups into a league of it’s own, while communicating the accessibility and affordability of their new style of learning management.

Helping creators concentrate on developing content without worrying about technicalities

The global online learning industry is sporting [massive annual growth of 19% or more per year, and it’s set to be a $243 billion industry within two years (2022).](

Charisol will help course creators manage their payment integration, hosting, security, site speed, bandwidth, storage, technical maintenance, marketing, and SEO on the platform. This will enable them to concentrate on developing content without worrying about the technical aspect of self-hosting their own LMS platform.

The final visual storytelling is inspiring, real, and simple, and the voice captures Tish’s devotion to the success of its users.

We created a comprehensive brand experience that is inspiring, simple, real, and professional. The vantage point of the logo mark embodies Tish’s modern approach to learning. Paired with the logomark and the logotype gives a fresh nod to the usability of the brand.

We determined that the Tish voice needed to be friendly and inspirational, tempered with modern professionalism.

Tish’s website has varying audiences with an ever-growing list of course offerings, we needed to carefully structure the presentation of information. Due to the large amount of content, we sought to contrast the bulkiness of the design by creating a more simple look and feel, relying heavily on whitespace, readability and information hierarchy.

Every person at Charisol that I've been in contact with or is working on our product has been top notch. Skilled, creative, smart and SO easy to work with..
Femi Odutola
CEO, Bevel Plexus

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